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Individual idealism and aspiration must be our daily companions if we wish to enjoy happiness while seeking success.

Education to be of value must be of an intimate character.

To be spared periodic deluges of blood we need to know more about mind and spirit.

The man who consciously attends to his business has no competitors.

Early to rise makes some men wise.

The practice of things is man's confession of Faith.

He who has no practice cannot have faith; although his confessions and beliefs may be as numerous as the sands of an ocean's shore.

Everything beautiful, grand and sublime; everything elevating, noble and divine is Mazdaznan.

We may think of doing right by casting reflections upon others, still we cannot get away from the fact that "what man soweth that he shall reap."

The purpose of study is not to appear learned or wise, but to avail oneself of means toward better ends.

If our character depends upon the opinion of the world then we lack character and consequently we shall not be able to stand alone and mind our own business.

We should allot a certain portion of our time daily to self-examination and self-correction; recall to our mind all our actions during the past waking hours and confess our failings and shortcomings, with the determination to correct the errors of our ways by fasting and concentration and the exercise of greater control.

Be ever ready to listen to advice, and profit by its good intentions.

Every action of worthiness and praise should be an example to you to emulate and to practice in your own daily pursuits.

Take no position of government so long as you are not able to control your passion and are incapable of advising, directing and governing your own affairs successfully.

Remain cool and reflect upon all matters before engaging in their pursuit, and allow no one to influence you to carry out their dictations which they are not capable to accomplish without your aid.

In a world of illusions there is a maze of delusions, so vastly serious to those who are caught in the labyrinth of uncertainties.

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