After all fails us we always have to fall back upon rhythmic breathing. Sluggish circulation of the blood has most to do with our organic disorders. Where the usual remedies fail us or prove ineffective, it will be found that attention to breathing will assist in the rousing and stirring of organic operations. True, attention needs to be paid to the position of the body. In a sitting posture we must sit so as to be en leisure, absolutely relaxed, with chest thrown up. Do not drop chest and do not drop the abdomen, but rather draw it in at the diaphragmatical region.

To derive immediate results from an exercise it is necessary to relax to the utmost and never force matters. The shoulders must droop while inhaling and chest must rise, never drop. It is the abdomen that has to be drawn in toward the solar plexus.

(spoken by Elevenlabs George)

Breathe out, breathe out all you possibly can. Count to twelve and more before inhaling. Inhale for four seconds; exhale for twelve and more, increasing the length of exhalation.

When tired, sing a simple song, and sing it on the breath; then take the breathing exercise again. After a little practice it will come to you intuitively or inspirationally what bodily exercises to take with your breathing exercises; what stretching, pulling, kneeding, massaging to add to it. Before you realize it you will have a system all your own, an individualistic system of health exercises.

In the severest cases rhythmic breathing and singing on the breath will go a long ways in assuring us of greater comfort, ease of mind and finding happiness even tho we linger here on earth. The more we relax, physically, and resign mentally, the greater are the results.

Most of us are apt to forget the power that lies in breath, breathing, and the potential powers contained within the air currents rushing upon us.

To the extent we are attuned to the air currents, the lungs convert the chemical compounds and charge the circulatory, nervous, as well as glandular cells leading to a better understanding.

May 25, 1931.

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