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Man is a triune being and expresses in his threefold nature physical, spiritual and intellectual propensities. Each individual expresses one of these more predominantly than the others—determined according to the contour of the head, which is governed by the degree of activity and development of the brain cells in any given part of the brain.

This predominant unit of the three-fold nature, which corresponds to the assimilative, generative or dynamic, function, is called the "Base," whilst the remaining two are called the " inclinations "—the first inclination, which is usually the stronger of the two, is determined by the degree of development on the left side of the head.

Nature aims at an appropriate balancement of all three units, and whilst remaining true to one's base, partaking of the appropriate foods and choosing a vocation or profession best suited to one's individual make-up, one should aim at the development of the weaker propensities in order to evolve and be able to function readily on the three planes of consciousness.