Endocrine system glands

Inasmuch as the Circulatory System, by action of the respiratory organs, controls the motive power of cellular functions and the Nervous System upholds the organic operations, so the Glandular System stirs the mental realms for further developments of a higher nature, quickening the weakened battery of life, and regenerating new power for the unfoldment of yet unknown intelligences hidden within the brain cells.

The brain cannot be reached in any other way except through the medium of the glands; the glands cannot be reached unless the corresponding sympathetic nerves operate in harmony therewith ; again the nerves cannot be reached—or one cannot gain control over them—unless one has learned to control the circulatory system; and the circulatory system depends upon the breathing capacity—ox the degree of elements converted into chemical compounds—purifying the venous blood and transmuting it into arterial blood.