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GA-LLAMA is a term used by the Mazdaznan to de signate the substance contained in the air we breathe during waking hours, and has for its purpose to perpetuate the existence of the individual cell of our composite frame by virtue of its centralizing the intelligence to the respective individual cell. With the concentration of mind upon the breath, we take into our form Ga-Llama, the centralizing Life-principle,— Ga- (centralizing) Llama (Life-principle).

We hold that the air we breathe not only purifies the blood and decides its circulation, but it aids in the generation of electric fluid. Furthermore, that this very air contains a substance that can be attracted to the body under certain conditions and becomes conscious to our functions only through the direction of Thought. That when controlled it assists in the development of our brain cells unfolding untold knowledge, making it possible to comprehend even that most obscure.

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A Creedless Love


A Creedless love that knows no clan, 
No caste, no class, no cult but man, 
That deems today and now and here 
Are voice and vision of the seer, 
That through this lifted human clod 
The inflow of the breath of God 
Still sheds it apostolic pow’rs, 
Such faith, such hope, such love be ours.

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Physical and Mental Training

If we made it a point to give only twenty minutes a day to rhythmic, systematic, methodical and melodious exercises, which include glandular motions, only twenty minutes a day; if we did it consciously, which means thoughtfully, with our mind upon every motion, action, vibration; if we did it religiously, seriously and for three hundred and sixty-five days, what would be the result!

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1. Appeal to yourself alone.

2. Be determined to be free in thot.

3. Come up to all agreements of the day, to satisfy all.

4. Do things "on the breath."

5. Establish the fact that you are the Infinite Intelligence of Mazda, on earth.

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Individual idealism and aspiration must be our daily companions if we wish to enjoy happiness while seeking success.

Education to be of value must be of an intimate character.

To be spared periodic deluges of blood we need to know more about mind and spirit.

The man who consciously attends to his business has no competitors.

Early to rise makes some men wise.

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Precepts For Daily Consideration

It is quite admirable and praiseworthy for us to attempt the acquisition of learning, but it is one thing to be studious and devoted in seeking knowledge from books, and quite another thing to study and become acquainted with the nature of objects and things which we observe everywhere, and which pertain to the realm of everyday life and common experience. Because of our dual nature we are only too much inclined to forgetful-ness, and quite often drift into fancies of idealisms, misleading doctrines and opinions, soothing to a depraved mind because of its intoxicating influence, but destructive to our true nature and detrimental to our development into practicability. 

Standard health rules

To attain to health and keep it, to prevent disease and eradicate it, Nature provided a few simple rules which are not only to be known but must be observed if life is to prove a state of joy and success.

Never use fruits and vegetables at the same time.

Select your food according to the production of the season.

For the first meal of the day, or breakfast, use fresh fruits or fruit juices, whatever of the local market or imported, adding rolled oats, wheat or rice.

For the second meal of the day, or lunch, have a salad and toast, or any wholesome unfermented bread.

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Healthy Hints


Plain boiled rice with any kind of mashed fruit poured over it, adding cream, is most refreshing as a luncheon dish. Always chill the rice.

There should be fresh melons now, which are great eliminatars. They should precede the meal. Eaten with a dash of spice in homoeopathic doses they will aid in irrigation of intestines and increase white blood cells.

Lemons are neutralizers. The juice of one or more baked lemons taken first thing in the morning will act favourably on liver, kidneys and bladder. Lemon juice aids in removing tendencies toward gout, neuritis and rheumatism; is a neutralizing agent against acid-poisoning.

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Thou shalt not kill


GOD said: " Behold, I have given you every herb-bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."

Such is the advice given by mother nature, and her language stands inscribed before us in the open book of nature that none may err therein. Still, we will murmur against the manna, the bread from heaven, and long for the fleshpots of Egypt. We are not satisfied with the vegetation nature offers; in our greed and avarice we long for her very blood, her life.

The MAZDAZNAN philosophy

The MAZDAZNAN philosophy and way of life

At the heart of all great religions and philosophies lies Fundamental Truth. Philosophers and prophets endeavour to express this according to the conditions of the period in which they live, and the understanding of the people to whom they speak.

Stripped of all imagery they all speak of a Supreme Intelligence - God, Allah, Buddha, Yahveh, Mazda etc, which governs everything in the universe, and is immanent in all forms of matter, animate and inanimate. This is the source of all Good, and is manifest in the movement of the stars and planets, in the laws that govern all the forces of nature causing the growth of plants and animals and their evolution. In Man (male and female) is a spark of that intelligence, which prompts him to ask questions 'How, When, Where and Why?' of Life, and to find the answers. This 'Divine Spark' has been given many names - it is the God-within, the Abba (beginningless and endless One), the Christ-within, the Still Small Voice, and in the ancient Zend 'Spenta Mainyus'. This should be one's guide through life, and through the inspiration received one becomes aware of his purpose in life. This Spark never dies - it is eternal.

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"My Own Shall Come to Me."

Many undesirable things come to us because we still hold to undesirable tendencies, and if we continue to recognize negative conditions in even the slightest degree, we set in motion thought forces that work out unfavourably for us. If we desire good, better, best, then be assured only the good, better, best will come to us. Perhaps we are not positive enough in our demands, our concentration is not quite up to the mark. There are weak points to be mastered, negative moments when we yield to suggestion. We must learn to be positively conscious as we send out our Thought. Three things must preface our action, i.e., position, relaxation and concentration. Then as our motive is pure and good (for remember it is the motive back of our desires that prompts the action) the pure and good must inevitably come to us.


Peace be unto you;
Peace be among you;
Peace be with you!

The Savior added, "the peace that surpasseth all the understanding of man!" Yes, that peace, that greater peace, that peace of heart, mind and soul; that is the state of peace that surpasseth the understanding of man; that peace that satisfies as to the solving of every problem in life, that peace in which we prosper, making it possible to enjoy everything in the daily walks of life; that peace that gives satisfaction every step of the way; that peace that makes it possible to enjoy the demands made by one's daily vocations; for with joy in our hearts we must be able and capable to cope with any and every condition. Such is only possible where there is consciousness of God. To have, to make and to enjoy peace with and among all, to have such a peaceful peace that surpasseth the understanding of man; an ordinary mind cannot understand or realize such a state of peace.

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The Book of Wisdom

30 Points to consider

  1. There are four great stepping stones revealing the Principle of Life: (1) Growth, (2) Development, (3) Unfoldment, (4) Maturity.
  2. Man can only cope with the conditions of today to the extent and degree that he has called out the latent forces and powers from within himself.
  3. Where today may we find the men of intelligence and scientific knowledge able to compete with the master-minds that built the Pyramids, the Sphynx, the Coliseum and the many more astounding monuments of the Ancients.
  4. The understanding mind reasons, contemplates, adds the good, and takes away the contrary from the affairs of life, thus filling the atmosphere with thoughts of a constructive nature.
  5. Mazdaznan accepts the law of reciprocity, giving freely from out of the great storehouse of infinite supply, "Without money and without price." Therefore, "Freely as thou hast received, likewise shalt thou give freely."
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Mazdaznan declares

Mazdaznan declares
that the key unto Wisdom
lies in the Power of Breath
obtained through diligent and religious practices
of rhythmic Prayers and Songs on the breath,
and the application of a scientific Faith,
which comes to us through the exercise
of our talents, gifts, endowments and attributes in our daily walks of life,
and our ability to cope with the demands of our time,
which alone leads unto the solution
of the most perplexing problems of life.

The Mazdaznan Message

A Brief Outline
By Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish

Mazdaznan is an educational and religious system and not a sect. It is a religion because it comprises all of the essential interests of life, from philosophy to dietetics. Mazdaznan contains nothing dogmatic in its teachings. Its keystone is education, and not instruction by coercion.

The name Mazdaznan means Master Thought, expressed in the language of its origin, the ancient Persian or Zend tongue. The name denotes perfectly that the Mazdaznan system is essentially the religion of Zarathustra organized to meet modern demands. It is not Parseeism nor is it Magianism. Neither is it a mystical, pseudo-occult order whose precepts include the worship of sun and fire. That is the common idea of Zarathustrianism, but Zarathustra taught no such thing.